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quid·di·ty (kwid´it-tee) 

    n. 1. The real nature of a thing; the essence. 


Quid·di·ty Com·mu·ni·ca·tions (kwid´it-tee kuh-myoo-ni-key-shuhns)

    n. 1. The essence of food safety communications.

We Communicate the Science of
Food Safety for the Business World
Quiddity Communications delivers real editorial expertise to clients in the field of food safety science, business and technology. 
Quiddity can help your organization better communicate the science of food safety to your target audience through a variety of industry media channels and networking opportunities. Quiddity is client-oriented, adheres to the highest journalistic and editorial standards, and maintains strict confidentiality. We collaborate with you to develop high-impact content and communications materials that will give your organization a science-meets-business edge.

We hope you'll find the information you need on this site about how Quiddity can work for you to define and refine your food safety communications needs. 


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Essential Services
Industry-Specific Writing and Editing

Communications Program Planning

Website & Digital Content Development 

Networking & Event Content and Programs

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communicating the science of food safety

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